Lorant Toth

Apr 20, 2024

Welcome to DesignEdge: Pioneering design solutions for SaaS startups

At DesignEdge, we understand the whirlwind journey of launching a startup. With a heart for innovation and a blueprint for success, we dedicate ourselves to guiding founders from concept to scale. Our unique framework, built on smart automations, simplifies the startup process—allowing you to focus on what truly matters.

Our mission

Launching a product successfully involves much more than just a great idea. It requires validation, strategic planning, community building, and effective communication—all while managing limited resources and time. This is where our agency steps in. We provide a comprehensive suite of design solutions tailored to help early-stage startups navigate these challenges effortlessly.

How we help

Our framework is designed to take your startup through every phase:

  • Validation: Quickly test and refine your idea before writing a single line of code.

  • Planning and funding: Whether you’re bootstrapping or seeking investors, our designs help you pitch convincingly.

  • Community building: Engage your potential users early and often with compelling designs that speak to their needs.

  • Launch and scale: From MVP to a full-fledged product, we ensure your design evolves with your business.

Brand guidelines designed for Confinity AI

"It’s tougher to be a founder in the early stages of a startup than balancing on your toes while holding an egg on your head. With no audience, network, or funding—just a promising idea—it's crucial to either build a significant audience or validate and gain paying customers quickly to attract investors. Amidst building a team, handling legalities, and planning, there’s little time left for designing crucial assets. This is where DesignEdge becomes indispensable to solo founders and early-stage teams alike."

—Ryan Ward, the founder of Confinity

Our plans

  • Incubator plan: Ideal for ideas to be validated, this plan includes multiple branding variations, a comprehensive design system with documentation, responsive screen designs, and a simple waitlist landing page.

  • Accelerator plan: Tailored for startups ready to build their MVP, this includes brand guidelines, pitch deck designs, social media marketing materials, and a prototype of the core user flow on top of what's included in the Incubator plan.

  • Growth plan: A flexible monthly subscription providing ongoing design support for custom requests managed through a Trello board for easy tracking of delivery times and project status, built on top of the Accelerator plan.

Case study of Archlight, a hosting platform

Case study: Archlight

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